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(Louis Frederick Designs)

Danladi (Louis Frederick) designs jewelry is constructed (handcrafted) with Sterling Silver, which are accented and enhanced with Moroccan Amber (N. African), Black Onyx, Abalone, Mastodon Tusk (ancient elephant ivory), Sujilite, Labradorite, Moon Stone, White Turquoise, and other stones upon request.


Danlandi designs jewelry is also constructed from reclaimed Community/White Orchid silver flat-ware of 1953. Community/White Orchid silver flat-ware are collectable pieces of silver Flat-Ware, which have been transformed into one of a kind unique Jewelry. The flat-ware itself is silver of approximately  100 layers of heavy skilled applied Sterling-silver (.925) over a base metal of stainless-steel. The items are constructed, and enhanced with sterling silver bezel cups, ornaments, j-rings, and bails, where transforming them from table setting of the 1900’s to wearable art here in the 21 century.  The prices here do not reflect their escalating value of a rare one-of-a-kind, unique wearable art Jewelry.

SPECKS (Danlandi Collection Only):

Inventory control and disbursement use only

Description: sterling silver/ white orchid silver/ assorted semi-precious stones.

Lot: 79   pcs., as of 5/26/2021. Amount: $ 9,445.00


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