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Our Story

Over 40 years of  Experience

Founder/Owner/Master Jeweler/Author: HERB


Herb is a graduate of the University of Michigan, holding a degree in fine arts, specialized in large metal sculptures. Although sculpting is his accomplished background, jewelry designs is his passion.

Herb's designs are constructed and created as wearable art, miniature sculpture, as each piece  provokes the aesthetics’ as the essence of beauty, defining creativity in each individual.

Owner/CEO/Master Jeweler: BIANCA


Bianca is a graduate of the University of North Georgia. Over the years, working in the jewelry business sparked her passion for management and jewelry designing. She developed her jewelry making skills and artistic talent, and now creates designs from an organic viewpoint that indulges in the fluid dimensions of life.

About Golden Reign

Golden Reign was founded in 1985. All of our pieces are hand-wrought using sterling silver (other metals are sometimes used as well). We melt, pour, and hand roll the sterling wire and sheet. Various tools are used to create the shapes and original designs in the Golden Reign jewelry line. The designs are then accented with select stones to create unique pieces as wearable art.

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